Dual Press is specialized in expanded materials moulding and therformation. Various materials are used, such as: PE on with textiles, PU on with textiles, tepex , EVA, accoppiati , PVC , composed materials, carbon, kevlar, fiberglass. The finished products, either small or complex projects, are available manufactured in many processing methods, in addition to moulding and thermoformation. Dual Press manufacture in Italy thermoformed components for: ski and bike boots, soles, sport protective clothing (motocross, downhill, skiing, cycling and motorbike clothing pads, etc), cases, saddle parts, gadgets, insulating and protective boards, working clothing components, shoes, helmets, suitcases and much more. One of Dual Press service strentgth points is the highly specialized workshop, in which we create the most adequate machinery for your specific manufacturing request, with the utmost attention to detail. The in house research and development department design new advanced technologies, such as the Cutting Technology, which won Dual Press in 2010 the prestigious IF Material Award.
Dual Press create various types of industrial machinery for moulding and thermoformation with CE marking, through its machinery manufacturing and productive processes know how. This way we can satisfy any specific company request or need. Many different machines have already been built, even for foreign companies. From Mexico to China, from Tunisia to Romania. Dual Press optimize manufacturing processes, creating what you really need. Realize innovative and state of the art solutions, ensuring a quality service even for mainteinance and machine checks. Make use of our highly automated equipment, able to manufacture any product. This equipment is designed and built by our in house design department and workshop.